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Clifford Michaels

Clifford Michaels, President of Institutional Investment Advisors Corp., has been assisting investors for the last 30 years. Mr. Michaels started his career as a Wall Street trader and worked for such firms as Citicorp Investment Bank, Salomon Brothers and AIG. He moved into private practice advising individuals on how to preserve their assets, increase their income, reduce risk and manage their money. Mr. Michaels is a Certified Financial Planner and an Investment Advisor Representative and he holds a B.S. from Syracuse University and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Clifford has lectured widely on financial topics and has taught adult education at St. Johns University and Baruch College. His interviews and articles on retirement planning and investing have appeared in many publications including Barron’s, Newsday, the Wall Street Digest, Money Magazine, Smart Money, and Dow Jones Newswire. Clifford Michaels is a well-known financial educator and respected author in New York. You can sign up to receive his free newsletter Retirement Advisor by clicking here.

His experience in financial planning, tax planning, employee benefits and retirement planning, estate planning, investment management and asset protection have helped many investors use his advice in order to help grow their assets and pay less income tax. Consequently, he is knowledgeable in the financial risks and opportunities of retirement.

Institutional Investment Advisors Corp. is a financial firm providing comprehensive financial services for investors as well as group benefits for companies. Our services include investment management, retirement programs, annuity advice and selection, insurance and long-term planning, tax reduction, estate planning, trustee services and employee benefits planning.