Our goal is to help individuals make money and preserve their assets without taking excessive risk. We listen, then we lead using a proven 5-Step Wealth Optimization Process for helping people accumulate and distribute wealth.

Each client’s situation is unique, we take the time to get to know you, your family, your lifestyle and your career goals. Once the map has been drawn we can create a strategy to help get you there and help keep you there. Your financial success is the reason we are here.


Client Engagement Process


Discuss current plan and goals.

Identify risk tolerance and personal issues. 

Review how we manage wealth.

Build a Strategy

Review all 5 Financial Planning areas for weaknesses.

Assets vs. liabilities.

Decide if a fit exists, schedule next meeting.

Implement Plan

Review plan and address questions.

Discuss strategy.

Consider Model Portfolios, removing liabilities, executing a number of tasks.

Update Completed Strategy

Provide account information for custodians or insurance company.

Provide copy of all files organized.

Review Progress

Review accounts on a regular basis.

May be more often than annual, based on client and strategy.



Aligning Risks with Solutions


Longevity Risk

Essential Inflation

Market Downside

Protect Behavior

Reliability of Inc. Seq. of Returns


Short-Term Risk

Moderate Upside Balance

Tax Free Inc. (Roth)


Tax Managed


Manage Hyper- Infl.

Market Upside


Long-Term Risk

Deflation Risk

Tax Free Growth & Legacy (Roth)


Long Term Care

Life Ins. – DB

Tax Free Inc. (Life CV)

Disability Ins.

Liability Ins.

Health Ins.


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