How We Assist Our Clients


For Each Individual Client

Retirement Planning--We can help you systematically save and accumulate for a particular goal, and we can rollover your 401(k) or pension plan into an IRA that is designed for your particular needs.  Some plans can offer you principal guarantees and a lifetime monthly income; call for a proposal.

Investment Management--(fee only with no conflicts of interest) is designed to Increase and Protect Your Income - Specializing in dividend paying blue chip stocks and asset allocation mutual funds. Our mechanical system, which eliminates poor judgment and errors in reasoning, has helped investors for more than two decades.

Estate Planning--We show you how to reduce estate taxes, and avoid probate.  Even if you have a living trust, you will still pay federal estate taxes unless you take steps to avoid them.

Long Term Care Protection--We act as brokers (not sales people) to find you the best coverage within your budget for long term care protection.  Call for ways to reduce long term care insurance.

Annuities & Insurance--We can show you how you can earn guaranteed* monthly income that you cannot outlive.  Call our office to learn of the latest rates available. *Based on the claims paying ability of the insurer.


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