Group Benefits



Group 401K- Clifford Michaels  can help your business plan for the well-being of your employees during their employment with you as well as the financial well-being of your employees in retirement.  Having the appropriate 401K plan offers your employees a more rewarding retirement and overall, a better compensation package. There are many options as to how to invest the funds if an employee chooses to participate and we can provide a variety of investment options that addresses the diverse and dynamic needs of your employees.  

Group Life Insurance - Grant your employees a peace of mind with a comprehensive group life insurance policy. Basic group life options are available for your employees and their dependents.  In addition, supplementary packages are available, catering to the interests of the organization and the employees.  We will build a plan that is not only customized to your business needs, but customized to the needs of your employees.

Group Health Plans - Provide your employees with the most appropriate plan from the company that best suits your needs.  Review quotes and options from multiple highly-rated firms that we provide you with before deciding which health plan suits you and your employees best.

Group Disability Plans- An addition to the basic benefits plan for your employees.  You can provide your employees with the disabilities benefits and the vocational rehabilitation assistance they need to get back on their feet.