Financial Planning



What Is A Certified Financial Planner?


Clifford Michaels, a Certified Financial Planner professional is a member of a distinguished profession dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals, families and business.


Certified Financial Planner is far more than a title; it is a precise definition of a person’s competence, experience, and intelligence in the complex profession of financial planning. Not every person who is described as financial planner is a Certified Financial Planner licensee; to earn this title the financial planner has demonstrated competence in analyzing and developing personal and business financial plans through the successful completion of a series of rigorous financial planning examinations.


The Certified Financial Planner professional area of expertise is in analyzing needs and prudently arranging overall financial plans rather than in promoting individual financial products


In carrying out this task, one Certified Financial Planner licensee may be more knowledgeable in a particular field than another and therefore recognizes the need to consult with qualified individuals in other specialties and in those areas traditionally and legally set aside for others.



Why You May Need A Certified Financial Planner Professional?


Today, we are living and working in the richest, most productive country in the history of the world, yet we are faced with more complex financial problems than those that faced earlier generations.


Today, science has lengthened lifespan and made it possible for people to enjoy many more years of retirement. Inflation makes retirement costs much higher and longer life presents a serious financial challenge.


In other words, the economics of present day living are more demanding than ever before. Consider the staggering costs of your own financial goals. Planning on a long-term basis, and then carrying out the plan can only achieve such goals! To do this you need the trained financial planner.


What A Certified Financial Planner Can Do For You


Analyze every aspect of your current financial picture.  Your personal financial situation has many aspects (assets, income, insurance, taxes, business, interests, wills etc.)  that will benefit from the careful scrutiny of a trained professional who will analyze them in light of your objectives as well as the current legal, tax and economic environments.* 










*Information obtained from and is by the Institute of Certified Financial Planners Publications 7600 E. Eastman Avenue, Suite 301, Denver, Co 80231-4397, 303/751-7600